Seifert Logistics Group is an

Authorised Economic Operator “AEO”

The status of Authorised Economic Operator "AEO" is a customs authorisation, originating from the European Commission (Directorate-General Taxes and Customs Union), enshrined in the Union Customs Code (UCC) and its Implementing Regulation (IR) and Delegated Regulation (DA). The concept of authorised economic operators has become increasingly important internationally. Essentially, AEO status is seen as a mark of quality in global freight transport.


The aim is to secure the international supply chain from the origin of a product (manufacturer) to the end product (consumer). The use of customs simplifications guarantees competitive advantages for business partners and security along the international supply chain.


Combined AEO status for customs simplifications or security and safety (AEOC/AEOS) guarantees optimised customs processes and, thus, lawful handling of goods from outside the EU, compliance with safety standards and the implementation of security measures. With regard to security and risk management in global competition, an internal control system (ICS) in the integrated quality management system (SIMS = Seifert integrated management system) ensures transparent communication at all hierarchy levels within the organisation.


As a logistics service provider, systems supplier and/or cooperation partner, customs-relevant activities are performed on behalf of import/export companies at various locations/sites and in different service areas. In customs terms, as the main company Seifert Logistics GmbH (SLU) is responsible for central management of the Group and fulfils the role of carrier and freight forwarder. Seifert Logistik Dienstleistung GmbH (SLD) acts for companies across industries, providing warehouse logistics, customs representation and packing. In the "automotive" market segment, Seifert Automotive Logistics GmbH (SAL) provides warehouse logistics and customs representation.


Customs officer Markus Labudda has overall responsibility within the Group for customs matters, is the lead source of information as regards the Federal Customs Administration and is also responsible for monitoring AEO authorisations.

Focus digitisation: data gloves with barcode scanners increase work safety and the efficiency of logistics processes.