Top Job Employer 2020

Seifert Logistics Group: Growth with perspectives

Seifert Logistics Group attaches great importance to employer attractiveness - and success proves the Ulm-based company right. The transport and logistics company received the "Top Job" award from the hands of former Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel on the 28th February in Berlin. The "Top Job" patron honoured the Seifert Logistics Group in particular for its strategic focus on securing a sustainable supply of skilled workers and the continuous and systematic development of its qualities as an employer.


The Seifert Logistics Group is a transport and logistics company which, in the more than seven decades of its existence, has developed from a regional player to an internationally operating service provider with currently 46 locations in Europe. The family business, which now employs more than 2,000 people, has remained a company with short routes and quick decisions despite constant growth, giving employees room for realisation. The forthcoming arrival of the third generation will not change this. As one of the best employers among German medium-sized companies, the Seifert Logistics Group has now received the coveted Top Job Award for the third time. The evaluation was based on a scientifically sound employee survey which determined a high level of job satisfaction.

The signals indicate further growth for the Ulm-based transport and logistics service provider, both in terms of turnover and personnel. This is why the company, which had just five employees when Harald Seifert joined in 1976, offers applicants a wide range of development opportunities. In addition to the many different apprenticeship professions typical for the industry, such as shipping and logistics services clerks, warehouse specialists and drivers, academically oriented careers are also possible. These include a business degree in the dual course of studies in shipping, transport and logistics, which combines theory and practice in an exemplary manner. In addition, students from various disciplines can write their Bachelor's or Master's theses during their full-time studies, under subject-specific supervision, at the logistics service provider.

For Seifert Logistics Group, long-term employment of its employees is of great importance. "We would like to work together, if possible until retirement, so we do a lot to retain our employees," explains Dario Dante Oncsak, Managing Director Human Resources. He is particularly proud of the fact that it is not uncommon for the second generation of employees to already be working for the company - "a real sign of trust". Dario Dante Oncsak describes the prospects for employees as "enticing". Despite the growth, family values continue to count. "Satisfied and qualified employees are the success factor of our corporate culture." Anyone who shows commitment and wants to achieve something, "can do that with us". For example, project management, which is important for the success of the company, is completely in the hands of younger people. The Ulm-based logistics service provider is also increasingly focusing on the topic of digitalization in order to both inspire customers and be attractive for potential applicants. Career changers are also welcome at the Ulm company. Refugees with German language skills are now being given a chance. Employees are specifically promoted through technical and management training. They open the way to shift or operational management and offer opportunities for advancement up to the position of site manager. With such measures, among others, Seifert Logistics Group wants to consolidate its reputation as an outstanding employer, true to its motto: "Always a millimetre above the standard!

From left to right: Dario Dante Oncsak (CHRO, Seifert Logistics Group), Sigmar Gabriel and Axel Frey (Managing Director, Seifert Logistics Group) at the "Top Job" award ceremony in Berlin.