Younger management team for the Seifert Logistics Group

  • After successful initialization of the transformation process, Thomas Müllerschön hands over to the managing directors Christian Stoll (transport) and Axel Frey (logistics)
  • Marcel Vogelmann takes office as Chief Performance Officer (CPO)
  • Julian Seifert joins the controlling / digitisation department


In April 2019, Harald Seifert handed over the position of CEO to Thomas Müllerschön. A clearly defined goal from the beginning of the cooperation was to initiate the transformation necessary for the company. The measures were then to be implemented by the operative employees. This transformation process was initiated on a sustainable basis and the employees were prepared for the upcoming growth phases. This completes Thomas Müllerschön's task as transformation manager.


The task now is to implement the defined measures of the Seifert Future Package. This will be done under the leadership of Mr. Christian Stoll (47) and Mr. Axel Frey (32). The dual leadership of COO Christian Stoll will focus on the area of freight transport, while Axel Frey will mainly be responsible for the logistics area. Christian Stoll has been working for the Seifert Logistics Group for over two years. Prior to this, Stoll has worked for over 20 years at European level in various management functions for well-known companies. Axel Frey - an in-house growth of the company - since 2017 Head of Business Development has accompanied the two decisive, major growth stages in the company's history. In total, he has been with Seifert Logistics Group for around 12 years, where he began his career in 2008 as a project manager.

Marcel Vogelmann (41) will take up his position as Chief Performance Officer (CPO) on 1 st of January 2020, becoming a member of the management board. The trained banker and business economist is an absolute performance and controlling professional and will make a significant contribution to the company's success.

With Julian Seifert (30), one of Harald Seifert's two sons, the third generation of the family will join the company on 1 st of April 2020. Julian Seifert has a successfully completed master's degree in business administration (international management) and professional experience in various consulting firms with a focus on digitalization. In future he will support and promote the Seifert Logistics Group in the area of controlling and digitalisation.

"A healthy mix of long-standing and experienced colleagues as well as young, dynamic and, not least, media- and software-affine colleagues makes the decisive contribution to the sustainable success of the company", says Harald Seifert, Chairman of the Advisory Board of SLG - he is responsible for strategic issues such as real estate development, M&A and various special projects. The fact that his eldest son has decided to work in the family business makes him proud and particularly happy.