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The CrefoZert certificate from credit agency Creditreform certifies the creditworthiness of the Seifert Logistics Group. Just 1.7 percent of German companies fulfil the criteria for the finance seal. Ultimately, the quality seal that is valid for one year certifies: we fulfil our payment obligations on time and have a well-structured balance sheet incl. with good equity ratio



International competition demands professional quality management. We have accepted this challenge, as quality assurance fosters customer and employee satisfaction. Success is the long-term profit of this investment.

Certification in accordance with ISO 9001
Certification in accordance with ISO 14001 for the cutting-edge silo cleaning facility in Merseburg
Certification in accordance with SQAS for road transport and the silo cleaning facilities 



With SQAS we are fulfilling the extended requirements of the chemical industry. When dealing with hazardous goods, thanks to SQAS all processes can be traced seamlessly and with higher standards than those laid down in ISO 9001.

Eco Performance Award

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IATF: 16949:2016

Site Malsch >> PDF

VDA 6.2:2017

Site Esslingen >> PDF

Site Hambach >> PDF

Site Leipzig >> PDF


ISO 9001:2015

Seifert Automotive Logistics France SAS >> PDF

Seifert Automotive Logistics GmbH >> PDF

Seifert Logistics Group >> PDF

Seifert Logistik Dienstleistung GmbH >> PDF

Seifert Logistics GmbH >> PDF

Seifert Polska Sp. z o.o. >> PDF

Site Esslingen >> PDF

Site Malsch >> PDF

Site Leipzig >> PDF

Site Merseburg >> PDF


ISO 14001:2015

Site Merseburg >> PDF


Seifert Polska Sp. zo.o. >> PDF



Site Myslowice >> PDF

Site Ulm >> PDF

Site Zorbau/L├╝tzen >> PDF



Site Merseburg >> PDF



DIN EN 16247

Seifert Logistics Group >> PDF


Crefo Zert

Seifert Logistics Group >> PDF

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