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„We want our customers' full confidence – and we earn it too”

  • More than 270 company vehicle units for tarpaulin, mega, temperature-controlled, silo, tank and special Joloda trucks

  • More than 350 sub-contracted vehicles fully integrated in the Seifert CI

  • 1,350 truck loadings per day

  • LTL - Partner of the ELVIS - Part Load Network throughout Germany

  • All vehicles equipped in line with the latest standards, such as EURO VI, quick-lock tarpaulin, DC 9.5, Code XL, telecommunications, multilogger and with innovative load safety devices

  • Fast and flexible integration of company vehicles in European overland transport scheduling

  • Acting as principal for scheduled and special transports (JIS and JIT transports)

  • Driver training courses and training in economy, ecology, hazardous goods and load safety devices

  • GMP transports in silos and temperature-controlled trailers

  • Transport of hazardous goods with special load safety system

  • Always available for customers

  • Intermodal transports with European partners

  • Own sites and partners with transshipment facilities in Eastern and Western Europe

  • ADR and RID transports

  • Industrialised lorry and trailer swaps, i.e. integration between suppliers and production sites

  • Reverse logistics

  • Shipment tracking and monitoring



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Seifert Polska sp. z o.o

Welcome to Seifert Polska sp. z o.oclose