Internal silo & tank cleaning:

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3D flushing heads and qualified personnel: internal silo and tank cleaning at the Seifert Logistics Group facility in Merseburg meets every need – and cleans every spot.

Four cleaning lanes, shortest lead time per silo vehicle, minimal waiting times – it doesn't get any better. We make sure your silos and tanks are fit for load again at our cleaning facility in Merseburg – ECD certified and in accordance with PICS requirements including cleaning certificate. Attachments and hoses are cleaned by hand and using appropriate technology. Sealed cleaning halls, fresh water, hot-air drying of each container and eco-friendly wastewater treatment meet our standard of highest quality and sustainable business.
Mon. – Fri.
6am to 10pm

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Seifert Logistics Group
Internal Silo & Tank Cleaning
Hoppenhaupt-Straße 4
06217 Merseburg

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+49 3461 7944 90

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Anlage zur Tank- und Siloinnenreinigung in Merseburg

Two birds with one stone: relax while your vehicle is being cleaned.

Our „Brummi-Treff": perfect place to shift down. Before, during or after your vehicle has been cleaned. Freshly prepared meals, small snacks and coffee to go – we have something for every one. Simply slow down and test it out! Showers and sanitary facilities are also available free of charge.

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Portrait von Andreas R.
Andreas Reich
Unit Manager Silo
+49 (0) 34441 / 979 52