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Anyone demonstrating commitment and ambition has excellent prospects of a new job with us.

Write a new chapter in your personal career logbook: get started now at the Seifert Logistics Group! As an award-winning TOP JOB employer 2018, we impressed the jurors once again with inspiring management work and high job satisfaction. From the forklift driver to the project manager – anyone who wants to expand their horizons is welcome with us. In brief: those who want to, can.
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Lagermitarbeiter (m/w/d) zur Verstärkung unseres Teams
06686 Zorbau
Auszubildende und duale Studenten bei der Seifert Logistics Group
Training & studying

Get started now with the Seifert Logistics Group.

For career types: driving force in the logistics industry.
Geschäftsführung: Harald Seifert, Christian Stoll, Dario Dante Oncsak, Markus Alander
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Sachbearbeiter Fuhrparkmanagement (m/w/d) zur Verstärkung unseres Teams
89079 Ulm / Hauptsitz
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Prozessplaner / MTM-Spezialist (m/w/d) zur Verstärkung unseres Teams
89079 Ulm / Hauptsitz
Wir suchen in Vollzeit
Prozessplaner / MTM-Spezialist (m/w/d) zur Verstärkung unseres Teams
76437 Rastatt

Opportunities for all:
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School leavers

Girls, boys – what happens after the last day of school: with a training position at the Seifert Logistics Group you are giving yourself the chance of being taken on for a permanent job. Until then, we will support you faithfully as you take your first steps into professional life.

Schüler aufgepasst: Studium bei der Seifert Logistics Group


The offer is clear: whether you're a working student, an exam candidate with dissertation or BWL dual-study in "Forwarding, Transport and Logistics" – we do it. Valuable practical experience always looks good on your CV. Go for it!

Absolventen und Einsteiger aufgepasst: Jobs und Karriere bei der Seifert Logistics Group


Endlessly showing what you can do. You've already got 100 ideas in your head and hardly wait for your first job. Welcome! Challenge and encourage – that's what it's about. So that we and you can recognise your potential. Exciting projects on an international level and top team leaders await you.

Professionals aufgepasst: Karriere bei der Seifert Logistics Group


Knowledge and experience can always be developed further – regardless of age and position. As a professional with sound job experience you will take on responsibility here. You are not one of many, but rather a personality with a profile.

Lagermitarbeiter, Staplerfahrer und Berufskraftfahrer aufgepasst: Jobs bei der Seifert Logistics Group

Lateral entrants

You follow your gut instinct, bringing courage and initiative with you. Three reasons for us to welcome you with open arms. As a family company, we see our employees above all as individual people who need to be encouraged and challenged. Go your way. We'd love to be part of your journey.

Just your thing?

Managed by the second generation – soon to be handed over to the third: family values are what count for Harald Seifert. He doesn't forget a single detail. People are the focus for us. And we prove it too: with the Top Job Award. Welcome to the Seifert family.

Things are moving at Seifert. We have been growing responsibly and healthily for years in all areas – whether sales, employees or even our enthusiasm. Your benefit? A wide range of support services and continual improvements, such as our own disability insurance.

Higher, further, faster – likewise always a millimetre different. That's what the Seifert spirit feels like. That's what every employee gives their all for. We are always on the move and that's also a good thing: because that's how we keep improving in the long-term. Whether in the workplace or in our processes – we welcome suggestions here.

If you're dedicated and want to achieve something, you can at the Seifert Logistics Group – that is our motto. We are active across Europe with our premium customers. We create the space for people to take on responsibility, to share ideas and to realise their potential. We challenge and encourage with diverse training opportunities. You will exploit your full potential.

Success Stories

Application tips
The right way to do it

Create your application on a computer – this makes it look professional and up-to-date.
Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
Find the right person to send it to in advance. That way, you can address your application to them personally.
Applications are usually structured as follows:
1. Cover page (optional)
2. Letter of application
3. CV (with photo if not on cover page)
4. Copies of certificates
5. Other credentials (e.g. evaluations)

Stick to one page for the letter and make sure you've addressed the following three questions:

1. Why do you want this job?
2. Why are you the right choice for it?
3. Why do you want to work at the Seifert Logistics Group?