Andreas S.
Grow with the Seifert Logistics Group

Andreas S. is responsible for sales and marketing at the company. He started his training to be a forwarding clerk (now shipping and logistics services clerk) at Seifert in Ehingen in 1997. Thanks to the knowledge acquired during his training, especially as the result of his independent work, he transferred to the position of "Ehingen Site Manager" shortly after successfully completing his course.

The company has grown radically since then – as has his knowledge and experience as a site manager. Accordingly, he moved to the position of Site Manager in Alfeld (Lower Saxony) on 01/09/2004. Because he has grown with the company since he joined in 1997, having experienced many business activities and connections, he was offered the position of "Sales Manager" at the company's headquarters in Ulm on 01/02/2010. This role carries a lot of responsibility and is very interesting, varied and extensive. After working in this position for 8 years, he was named an authorised officer in 2018 in recognition of his performance.

His story shows that Seifert offers excellent career prospects if you're willing to work hard and learn. The training as a shipping clerk is the right choice for anyone wanting to learn a forward-looking profession.